Biotechnology Education Centers

The tasks of the Biotechnology Education Center include:

•  Develop the middle-phase measures of teaching improvement

•  Self-review BEC teaching proposal

•  Handle the application and review of teaching proposals submitted by partner schools every year.

•  Promote BEC integrated teaching program and construct the teaching resource database of biotechnology.

•  Collect and evaluate the performance of the Teaching Improvement Projects from BEC itself and all partner schools.

•  Assist in the accumulation and distribution of teaching resources.

BEC- Genomic and Proteomic Medicine

BEC- Agricultural and Marine Biotechnology

BEC- Biomedical Nanotechnology

BEC- Stem Cells and Tissue Engineering

BEC- Botanical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

BEC- Bioinformatics and Systems Biology

BEC- Molecular Diagnosis in Medicine and Public Health



Biotechnology Education Centers